Every being is created for a purpose and has a key role to play in the greater perspective of life. Sometimes we fail to understand that even animals exist for a purpose, and even if they cannot convey their feelings in a language we understand, they have a specific role to perform. This role is important to complete the logic that maintains the balance in this complicated world. We must not interfere with this scheme of things as it helps us to preserve the biodiversity and eco-system around us.

The dog has been a partner for human beings from the days of hunting for food with our forefathers. As man’s best friend, a dog is compassionate, loves unconditionally, and is loyal towards it master. Our love for animals and nature should also be unconditional and it is best to incorporate it as a way of our family life or social life. It must be taught to each one of us that we ought to respect nature as it exists along with all the elements - trees, stars, sky, natural resources, and the animal kingdom.

In the last few years awareness about the animal world has increased manifold but still we have incidents of cruelty against them. Only the road of compassion and love can be a vehicle for big change.