How it all began – the inspiration for Ms. Rita Singh

"Most times I have found that dogs are deprived of care and love, surviving without food and with various injuries. They all have one story in common - of physical abuse and inhuman treatment.

One day in Delhi, I was on my way back home from office, completely exhausted. When my car stopped at a signal I saw a movement and when I turned my head to get a better look, I noticed that it was actually a dog, struggling to move. He had no hair and his frail bones were popping out of his scabby skin and my heart sank. I felt that dog was sick and would probably die within days.

I couldn't get the image of the dog out of my head. I really wanted to help him. I told my driver about the dog and that's when actually the idea of Krishna Ashram came to me. I decided to save the Dog. I drove back to the farmhouse and called a vet. The dog could hardly move, but was shaking uncontrollably. With further inspection, I noticed he had Mange, a deadly skin disease, no hair, about 50 ticks in him and was covered in fleas! Immediately, the vet pulled all the ticks out, gave him a bath and fed him. I had never seen a dog eat so fast! I instantly fell in love with him. Next day his condition improved significantly! By the second week, his hair was starting to grow back, he began barking (which wasn't always a good thing!), and started playing more. The dog was happy and healthy. I even taught him how to fetch. He still continued to receive his mange shots on a weekly basis. By week three, I was feeling confident that he would survive and finally the day came when Vet said that he was totally fine.

From then till now, there many other things have happened and dogs have become a part of my life. This is the wonderful thing about Krishna Ashram and how it all started".

We see a need to help, and we waste no time in making it happen. There is no time for discussions. Unfortunately, it's difficult to get funding for this project as animals are often viewed as insignificant.
There are many dogs and cats in India who are abused, neglected, starving and sick.