To provide medical and boarding facilities to dogs in Delhi, Haryana and Satellite areas. The idea of providing proper infrastructure for the use of animals in Delhi and adjoining towns is not only ideal but it is the need of the day as the present society needs proper care of its animals, particularly when they are sick.


The Krishna Ashram Facility houses -

  • Hospital
  • Parking
  • Reception of Clients
  • Office-cum-record room
  • Store – Medical and General


To cover the treatment of outdoor and indoor patients there are following sections:

  • Medicines section
  • Radiology section X-ray and ultrasound
  • Surgery section
  • Orthopedic section
  • Clinical pathology and diagnostic section

The hospital will also house a cafeteria, chemist-cum-accessory shops, library, museum, art gallery and other required facilities. The doctors and other staff engaged in the work shall be provided proper accommodation. This will help in an integrated approach for round the clock availability of professional services in the hospital. The animals as well as owners will not feel the pinch of separation during the admission period of pets as proper place of stay will be provided to the owners within the hospital premise.

To make it a state-of-the-art veterinary hospital, these services, facilities and equipment will be provided in the future - MRI, CT Scan and Microsurgery. The hospital will not only gain the name but also be considered the best modern veterinary hospital in India. Fully equipped mobile units and ambulances will also form the part of the hospital.