Started with the individual effort of Mrs. Rita Singh, Krishna Ashram in the last 30 years has rescued and cared for thousands of sick and injured stray animals. Funded through individual contribution, the shelter houses around 600 animals, 400 dogs and 200 other animals like cattle, monkeys, horses and mules. So far we have rehabilitated around 760 dogs.



The plight in India is reflected in the large number of stray animals that roam the streets. Suffering from starvation, injuries and sickness, many of these animals are often victims of reckless individuals who do not understand their basic responsibility as human beings.

Krishna Ashram's vision is to bring awareness to all strata of society through training. People are made aware to treat dogs with care as living things which also have feelings. It further has mission to provide shelter to homeless animals, to rehabilitate injured and orphaned animals, and to teach people to demonstrate compassion and respect for animals in their daily life.



  • Recognize and respect of the intrinsic value of animal lives
  • Provide the rights to animals to be free from cruelty and neglect
  • Provide caring guardianship of companion animals
  • To create an environment which makes the animal feel happy and to make them feel that they are free



  • To provide a safe and healthy environment to abandoned and injured stray animals and to re-habilitate them in a natural environment and give them normal life.
  • Krishna Ashram's objective is to start 24 hrs. Hospital facility, 24 hrs. Emergency Service and OPD Centre for surgery and medicines, Pathology and Radiology Centre.
  • It also has an objective to provide improved techniques of operations and to bring relieve to the sufferings of animals.